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Do you ever dream of having more in your life? More love? Happiness? Money?  

Through results focused coaching, I will help you clarify your goals, give you the tools to create the changes you seek and hold you accountable to your dreams.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Results Coach

What's really holding you back from living the life you dream of?

I help my clients identify what's holding them back from going after what they want in life. Together we create a new direction with steady steps towards the life you want to be living right now.

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The Gifted Storyteller

A short story that will change the way you experience life....
The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell will help you transform your life simply by reading the book, thinking about the lessons, and implementing one of the many ideas.


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#LegendaryFather Course

Baby-Proof your Relationship and Life!

A step by step online course giving new and soon-to-be Fathers the tools to successfully become Outstanding Parents AND Partners.

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"Gregg has clarified for me what I want and need to do, to the point of performing a 180° transformation from working in the business to working on the business within a few weeks and I haven’t looked back."

Jason Worley
CEO/CCO Worley Global

"In just three sessions, I've been able to restructure the way I cultivate my mental state—and have seen dramatic improvement when it comes to taking daily actions that support my short term and long term goals. From a business perspective, I'm finally able to identify what an ideal client looks like in my consulting business—and on a personal level, I'm able to show up as a better friend + family member because I'm not verballing purging out my problems to them and looking to them for solutions that they are not equipped to handle. Working with Gregg has been extremely productive and motivational—and I'm in awe of how much these three short calls have impacted my life on a daily basis."

Diya SenGupta
Owner + Brand Strategist | FALK LIFE

"Gregg is a gifted coach who empowers you to reach your goals by helping you identify the blocks that are keeping you from achieving them. Gregg’s style is warm and communicative and more importantly honest and constructive. He holds you accountable so that you feel the need to “take massive action” between sessions. He is the kind of coach who pushes you past your comfort zone and helps you grow as a person. He will give you homework that makes you a bit uncomfortable, but is necessary to push forward and break past old limits to grow. Working with Gregg has been a pleasure and I have learned so much about myself and grown from each and every session that we have had together. Since working with Gregg, I have had the best year ever in my personal art practice and I look forward to growing even more with his coaching."

Yoko Kubrick
Yoko Kubrick Studio, LLC

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There's a place where you want to be. Then there is where you are. Together, we close that gap between those two places..

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Why does Oprah have a coach? Bill Gates? Tony Robbins? Will Smith?

These people are at the top of their game AND are intelligent enough to understand that even at their level, they need to the guidance and support of a Master Coach who can help them see what they are not seeing yet. 

What dreams are you ready to start living? 
How much more time are you going to lose?

What's Your Emotional Home?

While you experience various emotions, there are a few emotions you go to regularly, and 1-2 you tend to go to under stress. This is your emotional home and where you live, can be the difference between a challenging life and a life of inspiration.

"My life has changed beyond measure and I owe much of that to you."

Business Manager, HP Enterprise

"Gregg is simply a brilliant coach, and I am beyond thankful for everything he has provided me over the past few months. I have learned so much through every single coaching session. I have grown more than I could have ever imagined in the short time we’ve been working together. I feel that I am truly thriving and owning my life now, and I am attributing my successes to Gregg. IT WORKS! He’s the best! These coaching sessions have provided me with the results I was dreaming of. I am so grateful and can’t wait to continue our work throughout the rest of this year and future years to come! I love all of the many amazing changes in my life, as a result of my coaching with Gregg."

Isabelle Harris
CEO, Harris Global

"Being coached by Gregg has significantly transformed my life for the best. Gregg provides me with powerful techniques that allow me to maintain peak performance. He also examines all the details of the challenges I'm facing professionally, and help me to develop effective strategies for tackling them. I also become more aware of my values and motives during our coaching sessions, and this helps me in making informed decisions. Having Gregg as a coach is a great asset. He is very attentive and committed to coaching. He gives me an extra edge in life!"

Eldad Shulman
Bioinformatician, a Ph.D. researcher at Tel-Aviv University

Are you ready to change your life?

"Working with Gregg is rocket fuel for my progress both personally and professionally! Gregg helps me identify and move past limiting beliefs, believe in my power, dream bigger dreams, and create and implement a plan for achieving them. It took me no time to realize that I will be working with Gregg for a long time to come. I cannot recommend him more highly!"

Lauren Fielder
Assistant Dean for Graduate & International Programs at The University of Texas School of Law

""In my short time thus far with Gregg, I have had nothing less than an extremely fruitful impact of information, skills and challenges to help move me into an even stronger leader. I continue to look forward to our calls with one another and always expect significant outcomes in each event. I am a very demanding individual and Gregg continues to surpass my expectations. It is my pleasure to recommend Gregg to anyone looking for deeper impact in their life goals and achievements.""

Norco College women’s soccer head coach

"You certainly have great listening skills, not a lot of coaches have that. Many coaches have a system of what to say and plow through a conversation. Your approach is completely different. Every moment is held as important and pivotal to a transformation conversation. So, so vital in the coaching world. Thank you for taking that stand."

Entrepreneur and Financial Manager

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