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The Luxury of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is about choice and the desire to feel good through your life. All thinking and decisions are choices. We have the power of choosing how to perceive a situation and, as a result of our thoughts and feelings, we then decide how to act.
When an event occurs, we immediately ask ourselves the question, “What does this mean?” Our thinking is layered by our overarching bias towards or against something. So, for example, a stranger can give you flowers, and your personal story begins to dictate how you will think. You may think, “That’s weird. What does he want from me?” or you may think, “That was very kind of him.”
The question you ask brings about a feeling. The “that’s weird” thought brings about a feeling of fear stemming from distrust, whereas the “kind” comment brings a more pleasant feeling reinforcing a belief in the kindness of strangers. Neither one of these thoughts are wrong...
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